New Hope was established in 1993. The agency provides community based services, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment and prevention/intervention services to the South Miami-Dade community. The Founder, Manuel A. Alvarez (Manny), who died in 2009, dedicated his life to helping others following a spiritual experience. This experience occurred after many years in active addiction. Manny, at the age of 39, pursued his career in the field of addiction receiving a Masters Degree from Barry University. Manny was the original Program Director of a local treatment program, Agape Women’s Center, who developed program’s entire treatment concept (1987). Having many years of experience and recognizing the gap in services and the need for treatment opportunities for men in the South Dade community, Manny branched off to create New Hope (1993). New Hope been providing services to low-income and indigent population since 1996.

New Hope currently provides comprehensive, culturally and ethnically sensitive programs for diverse special needs populations, including adults who are low-income and chronically homeless needing transitional housing, case management, residential substance abuse treatment and/or mental health services. New Hope believes that regeneration and rehabilitation is achieved when a change in attitude and behavior is accomplished, thus empowering the consumers to become constructive and productive members of society through the following programs:

  • Community Services

  • Transitional Housing for homeless

  • Prevention Education

  • Case Management

  • Substance Abuse Male Residential Treatment Program

  • Male/Female Behavioral Outpatient Program

  • Aftercare Program

New Hope is the only residential substance abuse treatment facility for single men in South Miami-Dade County. In 1995, New Hope contracted with Miami-Dade County Department of Human Services (DHS) to provide substance abuse prevention services. Since 1999, New Hope contracted with the Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust and currently serves approximately 120 homeless per year with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding its contracted performance outcomes.