New Hope Philosophy and Approach

Located in South Dade County, Florida, New Hope is a non-profit residential and outpatient alcohol and drug treatment facility that provides extended services to anyone who is working to recover from chemical dependency. The program focuses on developing personal and social skills to assist men in developing into a well-rounded, productive individual within our society.

New Hope serves men facing the challenges of chronic substance abuse, severe and persistent mental illness and/or homelessness. New Hope's success stems from a one-of-a-kind integration of services to meet clients' psychological, social, physical and spiritual needs, combined with technology to deliver consistent and continuous quality care based on best practices and evidence-based programs.

New Hope programs include a defined set of activities that address the symptoms and root causes of addictions. The approach adopted by New Hope focuses on changing the values and beliefs of the treatment recipient through education, group support, therapy, medication, skills training and 12-step support groups. Love and compassion is the foundation for our counseling and treatment approach. Reverence for each person's worth and dignity is maintained, and the goal is to renew peace and hope while strengthening self-control and personal empowerment over addiction. Our professionally licensed and clinically trained staff masterfully integrates psychiatric, psychological and medical resources. Pastoral counseling and treatment also is available and is based on a firm Christian foundation.


Adult Males in Residential Treatment Center Since 2008


Adult Males Successfully Completing Residential Treatment since 2017


Annual Meals Provided in our Residential Facility


# of Homeless People Housed since 2017


People served in Medication Assisted Treatment program


Adult Males Who Became Gainfully Employed Since 2017

New Hope Recovery Drop-In Center

In early 2024, New Hope was offered the opportunity to open a Drop-In center in South Miami-Dade County to provide a place for people with mental health and substance use disorders to go and access resources, socialize with peers, and enhance their overall wellness. We are happy to announce that our New Hope Recovery Drop-In…

Thank You To The Protestant Foundation of Ocean Reef

For their continuing help and support throughout the years. They have been very instrumental in helping us keeping the facility up and running in good shape. This year we received $25,000 for the construction of an aluminum roofed shed area in the main site’s backyard, which will be used to provide individual and group therapy…

Outreach Program Expanded to Serve Miami Beach and Homeless Veterans

Last year, we reported that we had successfully implemented a specialized street outreach team trained to engage unsheltered persons with substance use disorders. We are very happy to report that this project was an unmitigated success for New Hope and the community. In partnership with the Miami‐Dade County Homeless Trust and the Department of Housing…

New Hope’s Agency Wide Corporate Restructuring to Accommodate Growth

New Hope has grown in several dimensions over the last five years. Whether we’re talking about the number of employees, where we have gone from 26 to 53, or programs. We have added a program that serves homeless veterans, a Ryan White program that serves people with HIV/AIDS, several Homeless Outreach programs, a Critical Time…


Counseling • Outpatient • Residential • Prevention • Services

Christ-centered commitment to instill Biblical and moral values and a spiritual and secular balance considering the physical, emotional, social and mental health of the individual.

Organization to provide professional excellence, knowledge, creativity and resourcefulness.

Respect for all clients and staff, developing trustworthy relationships through forgiveness, follow-through and freedom of choice.

Personal integrity: Dedication to setting goals and inspiring trust through personal leadership.

Stewartship of time, finances and other God-given resources.

Our Mission

To assist individuals struggling with substance use and mental health disorders to re-enter society utilizing a faith- and evidence-based approach to treatment.


Former Outreach Client

"The day I received the keys I was so happy, I felt that God had answer all my prayers."


Former Child Welfare Intervention Client

“I am so grateful of them; New Hope is the best. Thank God, for them. I especially love Ms. Kimberlee. She helped me get assistance from the State and took me to my appointments and helped me get a house. Thanks to her help my kids and I have a roof to stay under. You don’t know how lucky you are to have a home until you don’t have one."


Former Residential Client

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of not doing anything and I was thinking, where is my life going ‐ this is not what God intended for me. There must be a better way, and Thank God, New Hope was there for me.”

Sarah and Eduardo

Outpatient MAT Clients

“New Hope brought us back from a very dark place. We have achieved body sobriety and mental freedom.”