New Hope’s Agency Wide Corporate Restructuring to Accommodate Growth

New Hope has grown in several dimensions over the last five years. Whether we're talking about the number of employees, where we have gone from 26 to 53, or programs. We have added a program that serves homeless veterans, a Ryan White program that serves people with HIV/AIDS, several Homeless Outreach programs, a Critical Time Intervention (CTI) program, a High Impact HIV‐AIDS Testing program, and a Substance Abuse Medication Assisted Treatment Program. We have quintupled the number of persons served, doubled our funders and, tripled our annual operating budget.

With such significant growth in so many areas, we needed to seriously rethink how we operate. And, while a flat organizational structure is generally preferred, we decided that we needed to add another layer of competent middle managers who represent the boots on the ground in each of our highly visible programs to ensure that we will be able to maintain the growth we have achieved, and the competence we've cultivated with all our funders.


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